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That's me

Hi, im Kaspar and 17 yeard old. I'm working as a trainee developer at Tradebyte in Ansbach. In my freetime i'm also developing stuff for my project called pfx-hosting. (look at portfolio). Next to developing, i'm also making some music by my own and my band. If there es a techevent like the @dev_night, i also stream that to the internet.


Web: HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

Music: piano, clarinet, base, accordion

Live: video, audio, events

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PFX-Hostng bietet verschiedemste Server Arten, darunter v-Server, Gameserver als auch Webserver, an. Mit Sebastian Mikolai arbeite ich bereits seit 2 Jahren an diesem Projekt. Derzeit betreuen wir unsere Kunden, betreuen unsere Systeme und verbessern unsere Software.

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